What if, everyday, we could focus our eyes on what we truly value?

In 2015, Tamara Harper published Living Restfully: A Skeptic's Guide to Raising Children Screen-Free. The following year, she gave a TEDx talk to succinctly share her story, not strictly as a parent, but more generally, simply as a person navigating screen time on a daily basis. Balancing technology and making relationships a priority is a tight-rope walk, but there's hope. Harper shares her research and experiences to show that change is possible with simple changes and a paradigm shift.

One of the best gifts that parents can give to their children is a screen-free home. Harper offers her practical wisdom of how to design a restful home that cultivates intellectual, imaginative, and social empowerment for our children, the people of our future. Her book is a must-read for parents.
— Tracy Chang, Ph. D., professor of Sociology and Organizational Behavior, Rutgers University